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QUMU Corporation Accessibility Statement
Qumu Corporation and its group of companies (“Qumu”) is committed to providing an accessible website experience for all of our U.S. customers and consumers, regardless of disability.

Reasonable Accommodations
Individuals who need a reasonable accommodation to access information and materials on Qumu’s website should send an email to or call us at 612-638-9100 to provide information about the nature of the requested accommodation.  Requesters should include contact information such as an email address or telephone number at which they can be reached.  Depending on the nature of the request, Qumu may need sufficient advance notice to provide a reasonable accommodation.

Technical Assistance
In the event that a user with a disability experiences accessibility issues with our website or other digital platform, please contact us by sending an email to or calling us at 612-638-9100 In your communication to us, please specify the nature of the accessibility difficulty, including the web address that may have presented an accessibility challenge.

We are always working to ensure that our services are accessible to all customers and consumers, including individuals with disabilities.  If you have an idea or question about accessibility support services at Qumu, please contact us by email at or by phone at 612-638-9100.

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Qumu App for Zoom Events

Empowering enterprises to easily, capture, store, manage, distribute and govern all Zoom video content securely and at scale.

The Qumu Video Engagement platform is designed specifically for enterprises using Zoom for video meetings and webinars who need to amplify videoconference discussions throughout the organization.

This app allows Qumu and Zoom enterprise clients to stream large live events with no loss of video quality and no negative effect on internal networks. In addition to massive scalability, the Qumu app adds comprehensive video management capability, as well as the same enterprise-grade security used by the world’s largest banking institutions and government agencies.

The Qumu App is:


  • Securely manage all cloud recordings in one place: Capture and store all video content in one centralized and secure repository.
  • Turn recordings into compelling assets: Re-purpose video meetings by trimming sections and adding subtitles, attachments, links, and calls to action.
  • Find your Zoom recordings: Easily search for recordings by user, date range, keywords, speech, or custom metadata.


  • Manage content from anywhere: Control your content from a single interface with custom workflows and advanced delivery controls.
  • Organize and share: Directly or via video portals create and share libraries of knowledge from anywhere.
  • Record anything, deliver to anyone: Deliver recorded video to anyone inside or outside of your organization for consumption on their time.


  • Enterprise-class performance: Experience better quality of recordings and viewing experience with Qumu Video Engagement platform.
  • Security and governance: Create engagement with on-demand videos that are backed with top level security and governance.
  • Advance analytics: Analyze the past and define the future with a complete picture of viewership and impact with advanced analytics at a video and network level.

How it works

Once the app is installed, streaming is initiated automatically or via a button directly in Zoom’s interface. Our extension supports attendees from around the world, unlimited presenters, and any browser on any end-user device. It even handles virtual event management features: event registration, transcription, translation, user analytics, compliance tracking, and attendee reporting.

Use Cases

A successful independent law firm in the UK serves major international organizations, publicly traded companies, small businesses, and individuals. Their objective was to reach existing and potential clients with educational and thought leadership content.

Quickly add, update and distribute content, on pace with change, while providing a uniquely elevated user experience.

Increase reach

Stream live and on-demand sessions to 100,000+ users for viewing on any device.

Build a repository

Record live-stream events for posting on internal or collaboration portals.

Boost Productivity

Maximize both viewership and engagement by distributing recorded meeting assets.

Qumu Record and Manage

A free application and requires users to have licenses for both Qumu and Zoom Enterprise Edition.
Download the Qumu App today!

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