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We are always working to ensure that our services are accessible to all customers and consumers, including individuals with disabilities.  If you have an idea or question about accessibility support services at Qumu, please contact us by email at or by phone at 612-638-9100.

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The Qumu Zoom App: A Short Q&A with CEO TJ Kennedy

Hello everyone, my name is TJ Kennedy and I am the CEO of Qumu. This is my first blog post as the company’s new leader, and I am excited to share my perspective on our latest news. As many of you likely heard, just yesterday we announced the release of a new Qumu app, recently made available by Zoom in its Marketplace.

Quite literally within minutes of this news hitting the market, I began receiving positive feedback and also questions from investors, customers, fellow CEOs and even friends—questions like “Why do companies need this?,” “Doesn’t Zoom already do this?,” and “How can Qumu make any money on an app it’s giving away for free?” So I thought I would take a few moments and address some of them, using one of our best company resources, The Qumu Blog, to do it.

“What does the Qumu App handle that Zoom doesn’t already do?”

As one of the easier questions I have been receiving, the answer to this one will be pretty short. Zoom was not designed for, nor was it intended to handle, the streaming of large meetings and events. But these types of meetings and events are what Qumu does exceedingly well. We enable standard video conferencing platforms to reach thousands, tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand people—with no loss of video quality, comprehensive enterprise-grade video security, and device-independent compatibility.

“What can the Qumu app do for the average business executive?”

Many business leaders need to reach significantly larger audiences than what Zoom can handle. We’re talking about 20,000, 50,000, maybe even 100,000 live attendees—with another 50,000 who might watch on demand at a later time. And given the current state of work-at-home mandates, travel restrictions and live event cancellations, video is the only way to accomplish this.

But here’s the best part: the new Qumu app eliminates the cost of things like production studios, event managers, and technical resources. Executives can now launch a secure, worldwide broadcast from their homes, with one click of a button. I’ve done it multiple times already, and I can tell you it’s as easy as I’m making it sound.

“If this app is free in the Zoom Marketplace, how does it benefit Qumu?”

In order to use the app, enterprises must have a subscription to Qumu Cloud, which is our best-in-class Enterprise Video as a Service (EVaaS)™ platform. The good news is, our platform is not expensive—most of our enterprise customers pay just a few dollars per month per user for our cloud product. When you break it down, our pricing is not much different than Zoom’s pricing, but with our platform you also get things like comprehensive video asset management capability, automated workflows, on demand video distribution, enterprise-grade security, and of course massive scalability—all of which works seamlessly with Zoom.

“Is there a real need for this app within enterprises, or is this just marketing spin?”

Believe it or not, this question was from a close friend. Here’s the bottom line: when the work-related effects of COVID-19 first hit, it was a mad scramble for organizations to stay above water and keep having meetings, keep the lines of communications open, and keep the channels of collaboration working properly. But it didn’t take long for video conferencing and collaboration systems to tip over, and get exposed for not being secure or scalable.

There’s really no sugar coating it: when enterprises go from 20% of employees using video 20% of the time to 100% of employees using video 100% of the time, things fail. And the Qumu platform handles that level of scale and more, so Zoom can do what it does best—make the front end video communication experience easy and seamless for all of us.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Zoom is a game-changing video conferencing platform. The company made it extremely easy for people to lead or participate in video-based meetings, and their technology is one of the primary reasons so many enterprises were able to bridge the collaboration gap left by COVID-19. But as work-from-home mandates and event cancellations continue to be the standard, enterprises need more than what Zoom has to offer—more scale, more security, more video on demand (VOD) and more robust video content management features. And as the CEO of Qumu, I can say our company is thrilled to be able to offer Zoom users all of these things with a simple to implement solution that is seamless.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you have any specific questions I’m going to offer you two options: you can either complete our Contact Us Form, or you can request a one-on-one meeting with me directly using the new Book Time with TJ functionality on our website. Take care.

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