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Delivering High Quality Video in VDI Environments

Video First Culture

1 Seamless Video Network

Globally-Dispersed Audience

1,000s of Virtual Desktops


Knowing that employee inclusiveness and engagement helped propel the organization into the Fortune 100, this Qumu customer—a large managed healthcare enterprise—relies heavily on video to communicate with more than 50,000 geographically-dispersed employees. So when the organization undertook a massive upgrade to its Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), both the delivery and quality of video were major considerations.

The experts at Qumu and IGEL know from experience that achieving high quality video in VDI environments can be challenging, since the processing of data is handled on centralized servers and video streams can easily overload the network. And this customer needed to guarantee an exceptional video experience for all employees—whether participating in town hall events or on demand training—without disrupting the network. This case study will cover how Qumu and IGEL, the leading provider of solutions for desktop virtualization, crafted the perfect solution for this forward-thinking client.

“This particular Qumu client sustains its culture of collaboration and inclusiveness primarily through the use of video, so successful delivery of video over their massive VDI infrastructure was critical. And together, Qumu and IGEL implemented a solution for this client that actually enhanced the delivery of video for things like employee engagement, internal comms, training and team collaboration.”

Vern Hanzlik, Qumu President and CEO

The Qumu + IGEL Solution

The managed care enterprise took advantage of a unique solution crafted by Qumu and IGEL. Working seamlessly with IGEL’s built-in, high-performance video and audio codecs, Qumu’s intelligent video delivery software dramatically improved video quality for end-users whether logged into their IGEL workspace from a desktop computer or their mobile device. The Qumu Video Engagement Platform optimizes video delivery in Citrix VDI environments so that virtual desktops receive video streams directly from the closest Qumu edge device, freeing the data center network from the job of rendering video.

The Qumu platform delivers video streams directly to IGEL-enabled workstations via a redirect, to eliminate negative impact on the network or other high priority business applications.

Use Cases

Executive Webcasting

This client depends on live, streaming town hall events and region-specific team video meetings to maintain its inclusive corporate culture in which shared wins and personal interactions drive success.

Employee Education

On demand training provides a consistent and always-available resource for the organization’s widely distributed team to continually advance their skills while meeting compliance and quality standards.

Knowledge Sharing

New and existing employees not only need to understand processes, but also how their work connects to the culture and to other teams. Using video, internal communication and team collaboration is seamless regardless of hardware configuration.


Even in the midst of rapid growth and a major Citrix VDI rollout, the solution implemented by Qumu and IGEL allowed this managed healthcare giant to increase employee engagement, streamline internal communications and facilitate collaboration by improving video quality and the overall video experience for virtual desktop users.

From any virtual desktop or mobile device, employees can now join live stream broadcasts or view on demand videos using the Qumu Video Engagement Platform. And because Qumu’s platform optimizes video delivery—meaning video traffic has no negative impact on the network—all VDI users enjoy the same high quality video as other employees. Also, IGEL’s next-generation edge OS for cloud workspaces allows the customer to dramatically reduce both their hardware and ongoing operating expenses while delivering the best windows experience from the data center or cloud.

If you would like to learn more about how the Qumu Video Engagement Platform can help your organization increase employee collaboration through self-service video, please fill out our Contact Us form and someone will reach out shortly.

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