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We are always working to ensure that our services are accessible to all customers and consumers, including individuals with disabilities.  If you have an idea or question about accessibility support services at Qumu, please contact us by email at or by phone at 612-638-9100.

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Qumu Extends Industry-Leading Video Delivery Capabilities

San Bruno, CA, May 5, 2015 – Leading enterprise business video platform provider Qumu (NASDAQ: QUMU) is reinforcing its position as the leader in enterprise video delivery on two fronts. Qumu has partnered with Hive Streaming, the leader for peer-assisted video, adding to Qumu’s broad set of video delivery capabilities. Qumu is further proud to announce its receipt of a US patent for their secure content delivery technology as part of their Secured Content product.

Enterprise video platform enhances delivery capabilities through multiple channels

Qumu Peer Delivery, which leverages Hive Streaming’s best-in-class capabilities, enables enterprises to efficiently provide high performance video to globally distributed parts of their organizations such as branch offices or storefronts. Video content has become an essential part of many organizations’ communication strategy and delivering that video content to employees, partners, or agents in distributed locations is now a necessity. However, there is often a need to provide this capability without the requirement for additional infrastructure support at those remote sites. Peer Delivery addresses this need directly and joins Qumu’s existing delivery options, uniquely driven by the Pathfinder intelligent routing engine.

“Empowering Qumu’s Video Control Center with Hive’s peer assisted delivery will enable our customers to bring video anywhere in their organization,” says Johan Ljungberg, CEO of Hive Streaming. “By quickly, easily, simply and securely delivering video, without hardware, Qumu and Hive will change the way enterprises use video.”

Qumu has also received a patent for their Secured Delivery technology, which enables organizations to upload content, transcode for multiple endpoints, apply usage and security policies and securely push that content to any device while keeping it encrypted and under control. Businesses can distribute, control and secure media of all types, from images to video to audio and documents with Qumu Secured Content.

Qumu Secured Content enables a flexible range of policy objectives to be implemented, giving organizations the power to set specific rules and usage parameters for their content. Even when a user is viewing content offline, Qumu Secured Content can limit and secure access based on the prescribed policies (e.g., date ranges, number of views). This makes it easy to ensure that content is always under control, no matter where it is delivered. Qumu Secured Content also provides the most recent versions of content, making sure users are current.

Today, a variety of organizations use Qumu Secured Content’s capabilities for their internal content consumers, customers and business partners. For instance, in financial services, Qumu Secured Delivery is used to provide regulatory information and training on services to employees. Media and entertainment companies use Qumu Secured Content to deliver pre-production content to collaborators without risking a leak. Also, many organizations use Qumu Secured Content for marketing and brand management, Qumu Secured Delivery controls the dissemination of sensitive product content to manufacturers and advertisers.

“At Qumu, we are constantly working to be on the cutting edge of every aspect of video delivery,” says Vern Hanzlik, President of Qumu, “working with Hive to deploy peer assisted delivery on the Qumu platform and patenting Qumu Secured Content, our industry-leading secure digital content solution, further solidifies our investment in the idea that video can and should be anywhere in your organization.”

About Qumu Corporation
Video is today’s document. Qumu Corporation (NASDAQ: QUMU) provides the tools businesses need to create, manage, secure, deliver and measure the success of their videos. Qumu’s innovative solutions release the power in video to engage and empower employees, partners and clients. Qumu helps thousands of organizations around the world realize the greatest possible value from video and other rich content they create and publish. Whatever the audience size, viewer device or network configuration, Qumu solutions are how business does video. Additional information can be found at

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Pete Steege, Director of Marketing Communications
Qumu Corporation

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