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How video can save time and boost productivity

By Andi Mann, Chief Technology Officer

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, a great business debate has ensued. There are questions being asked in boardrooms, conference rooms and living rooms around the world. “Are we going back to the office? Are some, but not all going back? How many days per week should we go back?” Some suggest that there is no going back.

Some have discovered by using the right combination of communication tools, it’s possible to enable and empower an entire workforce to work remotely 100% of the time.

Video conferencing has become commonplace—the pandemic was the catalyst for that behavior. At the very least, video has been proven to be a suitable replacement for the conference room.

In order to fully answer the tough questions regarding what the future of work looks like, it’s clear that value needs to be added to the everyday use of video. Businesses can and should use video to move beyond the conference room.

The key to efficiency and productivity for a hyper distributed workforce to accept never having to return to the traditional office again is to harness the power of video.

Stanford University Professor Nicholas Bloom, as far back as 2013, discovered in a 9-month study that remote workers performance increased 13%. Another more recent survey by ConnectSolutions confirmed that 65% of workers reported feeling more productive outside the traditional office environment and 85% of businesses reported an increase in productivity.

How, exactly do businesses enhance the video experience in order to empower the remote workforce? That question is easy to answer.

3 ways to add value with video

  1. Enable the distribution of live stream video content to a hyper-distributed workforce on a very large scale—say 50,000-100,000 individuals or more, simultaneously. There are real opportunities to demonstrate how scalability can be beneficial—think product launches and crisis communications for example. Recently, one major auto manufacturer introduced its newly styled and re-engineered vehicle with no showroom reveal, no press junket. The hoopla surrounding the event was virtual and live-streamed to thousands—it saved time and expense and was equally, if not more successful, than the traditional automobile announcement.
  2. The ability and capacity to store and manage large file sized video might be considered “cost of entry” in a discussion of what makes video smart. Truth is, storing content is important, but the ability to access the content for later use might be considered mission-critical—especially considering the advent of governance and compliance of content retention and removal by regulators becoming codified on both the state and federal levels
  3. We not only have the option to work in a wherever, whenever environment, but we also continue to operate in a data driven climate. If content performance cannot be measured, it has virtually no value. Having the capability to measure video content performance will inform how we improve business communication. We can track both the physical assets, like live-streaming or video on demand performance, i.e., buffering and drop offs, but also gain actionable insight into how effective our video communication was with our intended audience. How many people watched the video? Who watched the entire video? Who watched it multiple times? Bringing real data to video content is the cornerstone of how business can use video to develop a course of action or course correct when necessary.

It’s about the human connection. It’s about understanding that flexibility and nimbleness equals productivity—whether it’s using video to enable executives to communicate with a distributed, global audience without travel or using video-on-demand to pre-record a presentation and sending it along to stakeholders to watch on their own schedule or recording a two-minute video rather than taking an hour to craft just the right words for an email. Not to mention, as reported by Foresster, people are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read print.

A Gallup study found that remote workers logged in more hours. It showed that remote workers are willing to work longer hours and take less time off. Eliminating the commute, (the average daily commute is 52 minutes round trip, equivalent to 200 hours per year) was a critical factor in adopting remote work.

The use of live stream and video on demand can enable a permanent work from home solution that is mutually beneficial to both employee and employer. Clearly, it’s about time.

Qumu has been making video smarter with its video engagement platform serving the Fortune 500 and Tech 1000. Qumu has committed to a 100% remote workforce that works from wherever, whenever, forever. Qumu recently refreshed its brand to better reflect its commitment to bringing value to video content.

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