Delivering High Quality Video in Citrix Virtual Desktop Environments (Registration Open)

December 12th, 2018—11:00am Central Time
Eric Brown, Qumu Principal Enterprise Architect

Delivering high quality streaming video to virtual desktops in Citrix VDI environments has been a long-standing challenge for many organizations. And with the growth of virtual desktop use within the enterprise, finding a solution for these configurations has become a priority. Over the last several years, proprietary technologies from Qumu and Citrix have made it possible to deliver video to virtual desktops while preserving both video quality and network integrity—and understanding these technologies and how they can be applied is critical for managers of Citrix VDI environments.

In this presentation, Qumu Enterprise Principal Architect Eric Brown will review the video deployment options available within Citrix VDI environments, and discuss the advantages and limitations of each. Topics covered will include both the Citrix BCR (Browser Content Redirection) solution and the QVOP (Qumu Virtual Optimization Pack) solution, which utilize a “Client Fetching” method where video streams are received by user endpoints and not server-side virtual desktops—and ultimately delivered closer to the endpoint. If your organization is facing the challenge of delivering flawless video in a Citrix VDI environment, you can’t miss this Webcast!


How Video is Modernizing the Consumer Banking Experience (Registration Open)

February 20th, 2019—11:00am Central Time
Cody Rodgers, Qumu Business Development Manager

For some industries, change can come slowly—particularly when government regulations, highly documented process and massive technology systems are involved. But even with these barriers in place, a handful of industries have managed to push the boundaries and drive significant improvements in customer experience over the last few years. And one of the most innovative industries in that regard is Consumer Banking.

Join Qumu Business Development Manager Cody Rodgers as he shares a number of real-world, customer-focused video use cases from Consumer Banking—one of the fastest-growing market segments in Qumu’s Banking and Finance practice. During this session Cody will focus on three primary uses for video technology including Customer Communications, Compliance Data Collection and Customer Education. In addition, the presentation will also cover the topics of video asset management, user analytics, and leveraging the power of video to improve overall customer satisfaction.