Centralized Content Management

Whether corporate video is being consumed using a branded video portal, social business application or mobile app, organizations use the Qumu platform to handle all back-end management in one place, thru a single interface. Qumu's industry-leading video content management makes any user an expert at ingesting video, creating metadata and sharing content quickly and securely, and allows users to effortlessly deploy video to any endpoint with no duplication of management rules. Content managers can also view and analyze real-time metrics like top views, viewer drop-off, and even user compliance.

Full-Featured Creation & Editing

The Qumu platform provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-use range of video capture tools—including tools to create and edit a multi-camera webcast, record and edit a desktop webcam presentation, and capture video from studio encoders, portable event encoders, Video Teleconference Platforms, Unified Communications platforms and  mobile devices.

Workflows  •  Security  •  Searchability

Automated Workflows

The automation of IT policies gives Qumu users complete control of their video assets. The Qumu platform integrates with existing security infrastructure to create workflows for content approval, content management and viewing rights, to ensure video assets are only reaching the people they are meant to reachinside or outside of the firewall.

Security and Access Control

Qumu's access control model can leverage any major enterprise authentication solution, and secure access to videos, channels and administrative functions. And in cases where a corporate authentication service is not available, Qumu provides its own user management tools for user creation, self-registration, approvals, and assignment to groups.

Speech Search

Qumu Speech Search allows organizations to use their video repository for eDiscovery, internal clipping services and “chatter” analysis. Qumu Speech Search can quickly analyze thousands of hours of audio and video, index all spoken words and phrases, and return results previously not obtainable from metadata or caption-based searches.