Whether corporate video is being accessed using a branded collaboration portal, social enterprise tool, learning management platform, CRM application, marketing automation system or mobile app, the Qumu Video Engagement Platform platform can administer all back-end video content management in one place via a single interface. Qumu’s industry-leading video content management makes any user an expert at editing video, creating metadata and sharing content quickly and securely, and allows the effortless deployment of video to any endpoint with no duplication of management rules.

“Given video’s prominence in the digital age and the need to engage an ever-changing workforce, Enterprise Video Content Management forms a key component of the video infrastructure upon which digital workplace services are based.”
Gartner, Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management, 2019

The Functions of Video Content Management

At its very basic level, video content management is the process of storing, editing, tagging, organizing and securing video files for distribution to internal and external stakeholders. But there are a number of complex management tasks that must occur before video can be distributed, and the Qumu Video Engagement Platform platform allows administrators to edit videos, host them in customized portals, and publish role and department-specific playlists. Users can also build customized video workflows, tag assets for more efficient search and indexing, and set access permissions and automated rules for video distribution, viewing, archiving and expiration.

Creation and Editing

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform platform provides an easy-to-use range of video capture tools—including tools to create and edit a multi-camera webcast, record and edit a desktop webcam presentation, and capture video from a studio encoder, portable event encoder, video teleconference application, Unified Communications platform or mobile device. Videos can also be edited during or after recording, with available editing functions including shot resizing, overlay images, narration replacement, volume adjustment, pre and post-roll creation, addition of slides, document attachments, polling (for live events) and multiclipping.

Viewer Portals

Video captured using the Qumu Video Engagement Platform platform can be stored by and distributed with any existing enterprise collaboration platform including Slack, Sharepoint, Jive, Yammer, Huddle and Wordpress, or thru any proprietary Intranet presence. Users can also quickly and easily create customized portals by starting with one of Qumu’s pre-built templates and themes, then applying a variety of customizations and branding options—including color schemes, images, widget styles, headers and footers—to individual portals or across multiple portals.

Indexing and Searching

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform platform solves the primary challenge facing large, video-intensive organizations—making video assets easily searchable—by leveraging three types of video search technologies within its platform. In addition to Metadata Search which involves the manual entry of video-specific tags by the person processing the video, the Qumu platform offers Speech Search (also called Phonetic Search) and Speech to Text, an AI-enabled process which automatically converts all audio within a video repository to searchable text.

Automated Workflows

The automation of IT policies within the Qumu Video Engagement Platform platform gives users complete control of internal video assets. The Qumu platform seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure to create workflows for content approval, content management and viewing rights—as well as audit trails for actions taken within the video environment like approvals, moves, deletions and logins.

Permissions and Access Control

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform platform allows organizations to leverage any major enterprise authentication solution to secure access to videos, channels and administrative functions. And in cases where a corporate authentication service is not available, Qumu provides users with a comprehensive toolset to create and manage individual users, groups, permissions and roles—as well as access to folders, playlists, presentation types and metadata tags.

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