Our Approach

Organizations of all sizes and in all verticals rely on Qumu to securely deliver the best possible video experience at scale, for both internal and external audiences. Qumu takes a holistic approach to user and content security—one that spans video encryption, Single Sign On, advanced user security, retention policies, audit trails and more. Qumu is the only choice for industries that value security the most: Banking, Financial Services, Health Care, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Technology and Telecommunications.

User and Content Security Includes:

Data and application protection

Identity and user controls

Viewer tracking, live monitoring and audit controls

Security Audits and Controls

Qumu’s security vision is formed around a multi-layered strategy, which provides controls for content creation, data storage, video access and transfer. This strategy both includes and incorporates the following:

  • Corporate security policies
  • Personnel security
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Access control
  • Systems development and maintenance
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Independent third-party penetration testing

Qumu Cloud offers enterprise-grade security for both live streaming and on demand video content. Qumu Cloud is also GDPR compliant, and received the highest score in the Security category in the 2019 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management report.

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Enterprise-Grade End User and Content Protection


Automatic protection and encryption of both internal and external video streams.

OAuth Tokens

Only play content from web portals where users are already authenticated.

User Authentication and Single Sign On

Control specific users and groups, and self-service configure SSO thru SAML 2.O providers.

Content Classification & Approval

Define and enforce different content workflows and classifications for content and groups.

Advanced User Security

Set password policies and enforce them across the environment, including expiration rules, timeouts, password complexity, user name and history restrictions.

Global Content Management

Leverage group-based functional controls and content and user audit trails, with either centralized or regional administration.

Retention Policies

Define content retention by group or by individual asset, with automatic content expiration, deletion and ability to archive.

IP Restriction

Identify and control users of internal or external content, and apply custom rules at an individual content or group level.