Our new hybrid digital workplace has forced businesses to reinvent how they engage with employees and customers by adopting new digital solutions.

Video technology has evolved and is taking center stage for helping corporate enterprise companies effectively communicate and drive engagement.

How has video technology evolved to being used to drive performance at every lifecycle stage of employees and customers? How are customers setting new priorities in corporate engagement and communication strategies? And what are the key lessons for driving digital adoption with video?

Join TJ Kennedy and David Moricca, chief executive officers of Qumu and Socialive, explore the above and candidly discuss recent and emerging changes in video technology. You can expect to come away with insights on:

  • Recent and emerging trends in video consumption
  • How new video tech is enabling organizations to scale, innovate and improve the customer experience
  • How new video tech is helping organizations drive employee recruitment and retention
  • Tips for embracing video communication strategies to support organizational goals

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