As remote work quickly becomes the new normal, enterprises of all sizes are figuring out how to provide the best work-at-home experience for the long run—while still maintaining the required levels of compliance, security and data privacy. But how can organizations strike the required balance between ease of implementation and pinpoint control, while still supporting a sustainable, self-service video culture?

Join Qumu Knowledge Manager Karen Van Wert as she reviews the most overlooked pieces of delivering a successful live video event. Karen will cover topics including:

  • Preparing hardware
  • Using backup power and spares
  • Optimizing content for peak performance
  • Testing audience engagement components
  • Avoiding interruptions
  • Planning for unexpected occurrences
  • And more!

Attendees will leave this session with tons of expert tips and advice, as well as Karen’s personal pre-event checklist for running a successful live video event with little or no support.

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