As remote work quickly becomes the new normal, enterprises of all sizes are figuring out how to provide the best work-at-home experience for the long run—while still maintaining the required levels of compliance, security and data privacy. But how can organizations strike the required balance between ease of implementation and pinpoint control, while still supporting a sustainable, self-service video culture?

This webcast will discuss how enterprises in Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Government, Defense and other high-compliance industries are confidently making the shift to video for remote work, including:

  • Supporting secure and easy to manage video capabilities
  • Reaching all employees—regardless of location or device
  • Transitioning employees from 90/10 to 10/90 onsite-remote work
  • Onboarding new devices at a large scale
  • Improving video in thin client environments
  • And more!

Attendees of this live webcast will be given proven strategies for ensuring a high security video infrastructure that keeps remote workers connected, engaged and productive.

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