Supporting Work-at-Home Video in High Security Environments

June 25, 2020—10:00 AM CDT | 4:00 PM BST (UTC +1)
Stuart Hornsey, Qumu Partnerships & Alliances Director EMEA, Tobias Weilbeer, Unicon Software CTO, and Eric Schreyer, Unicon Software Requirements Manager

As remote work quickly becomes the new normal, enterprises of all sizes are figuring out how to provide the best work-at-home experience for the long run—while still maintaining the required levels of compliance, security and data privacy. But how can organizations strike the required balance between ease of implementation and pinpoint control, while still supporting a sustainable, self-service video culture?

Join Tobias Weilbeer and Eric Schreyer of Unicon Software as they discuss how enterprises in Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Government, Defense and other high-compliance industries are supporting secure yet easy to manage video capabilities for all employees—regardless of work location or hardware configuration. Moderated by Qumu’s Partnerships Director Stuart Hornsey, this session will also cover transitioning employees from a 90/10 to 10/90 onsite versus remote work, best practices for onboarding new devices at a large scale, and improving video collaboration in thin client environments.


Calculating the True ROI and Business Value of an Enterprise Streaming Investment

July 15, 2020—11:00 AM CDT | 4:00 PM GMT | 4:00 PM UTC
Scott Gilbert, Qumu Senior Director of Customer Support

As Enterprise Streaming is being pushed to the top of technology budgets at unprecedented levels, the focus for many organizations is on quickly and seamlessly virtualizing key video use cases—team collaboration sessions, executive town hall meetings, on demand human resource updates, external customer communications and large-scale company-sponsored events. But at some point, a clear case for ROI and Business Value will need to be assembled in order to make a new Enterprise Streaming investment, or expand an existing deployment.

Join Qumu Senior Director of Customer Support Scott Gilbert as he shares a number of different tips and techniques for generating a firm ROI and Business Value figure for multiple enterprise streaming use cases. Leveraging actual examples from Qumu customers in a variety of industries, Scott will cover each organization’s specific need for video, their system selection requirements, the challenges faced during implementation, and the post-implementation success criteria. Attendees will leave this session with the tools necessary to quantify—in real dollars—the value an Enterprise Streaming platform could bring to their organization across multiple video use cases.


Sweat the Small Stuff: Tips for Running a Live Event All By Yourself

August 5, 2020—11:00 AM CDT | 4:00 PM GMT | 4:00 PM UTC
Karen Van Wert, Qumu Knowledge Manager

As enterprise streaming platforms become easier to use and more established as a mandatory part of the corporate collaboration technology stack, organizations are relying on smaller teams—and in many cases individuals—to produce and deliver their own live video events. But even simple events have dozens of moving parts, and one missed item could cause participant issues or even complete event failure.

Join Qumu Knowledge Manager Karen Van Wert as she reviews the most overlooked pieces of delivering a successful live video event. Karen will cover topics including preparing hardware, using backup power and spares, optimizing content for peak performance, testing audience engagement components, avoiding interruptions and planning for unexpected occurrences. Attendees will leave this session with Karen’s personal pre-event checklist for running a successful live video event with little or no support.


Qumu 2020 Virtual Customer Summits

May 21, 2020—EMEA | 1:00 pm BST

The 2020 Qumu Virtual Summits present a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with video experts from some of the world’s largest companies and most valuable brands—in addition to Qumu executives, technical experts and product managers. The day will be a mix of presentations from Qumu staff, success stories and case studies presented by marquee Qumu customers, panel discussions. Both events are open to active and potential Qumu customers, as well as existing and prospective partners and industry analysts.

Presenters and moderators will be covering not only the Qumu platform and roadmap, but also some of the hottest topics in the Enterprise Video space today—including self-service webcasting, intelligent video distribution, streaming out of video conferencing platforms, the concept of Enterprise Video as a Service (EVaaS)™, and more. Registration is now open,  save your seat. We look forward to seeing you in May!


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