Interactivity On Demand: Creating Videos that Get Clicked

September 16, 2020—9:00 AM CDT | 3:00 PM BST (UTC +1)
Jeroen Krouwels, Hihaho CCO
Stuart Hornsey, Qumu Partnerships & Alliances Director EMEA

Now that enterprises are creating videos at a record pace with no signs of slowdown, the next focus for many organizations is interactivity—creating an engaging experience that not only adds value to video content, but integrates seamlessly with the video itself. Until recently, building true interactivity into on demand video assets was a luxury only companies with large production budgets could afford. But the good news is, times have changed!

Join Stuart Hornsey, Qumu Partnership Director, and Jeroen Krouwels, Hihaho Chief Commercial Officer, as they review a number of ways to add interactivity, engagement and ultimately clicks to on demand video assets. Stuart and Jeroen will cover a number of video engagement strategies including interactive menus, video ratings, overlay text, jump-to links, surveys, and even buy-now e-commerce monetization.


Calculating the True ROI and Business Value of an Enterprise Streaming Investment

July 15, 2020—11:00 AM CDT | 4:00 PM GMT | 4:00 PM UTC
Scott Gilbert, Qumu Senior Director of Customer Support

As Enterprise Streaming is being pushed to the top of technology budgets at unprecedented levels, the focus for many organizations is on quickly and seamlessly virtualizing key video use cases—team collaboration sessions, executive town hall meetings, on demand human resource updates, external customer communications and large-scale company-sponsored events. But at some point, a clear case for ROI and Business Value will need to be assembled in order to make a new Enterprise Streaming investment, or expand an existing deployment.

Join Qumu Senior Director of Customer Support Scott Gilbert as he shares a number of different tips and techniques for generating a firm ROI and Business Value figure for multiple enterprise streaming use cases. Leveraging actual examples from Qumu customers in a variety of industries, Scott will cover each organization’s specific need for video, their system selection requirements, the challenges faced during implementation, and the post-implementation success criteria. Attendees will leave this session with the tools necessary to quantify—in real dollars—the value an Enterprise Streaming platform could bring to their organization across multiple video use cases.


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