Forward-looking organizations have invested in Unified Communications (UC) to give their employees tools to easily inform, share and collaborate with team members across the globe, instantaneously. Video is the most immediate and well-rounded method to share both images and voice, and has quickly become a favorite medium for UC teamwork.

Programs like Skype for Business and WebEx already incorporate video from screenshare and webcam into their UC offerings. Unfortunately, these video sessions are often real-time communications. That leaves money on the table. By recording UC sessions and uploading them to an enterprise video management system, you can increase the value and effectiveness of every collaborative UC conversation.

Imagine having every important meeting in a single catalogued, searchable place. Integrating your UC solutions with Qumu’s enterprise video management system brings all of your UC content under one roof, saving important conversations and making them easily searchable using auto-generated metadata and Speech Search, which gives you the power to search for spoken keywords through hours of video with the press of a button.