Employee onboarding, certification courses, compliance batteries, human resource units and job-based training are the most video-intensive use cases that exist for enterprise technology. The use of both live and on demand video within training and onboarding has increased significantly—and enterprise video platforms have finally made their way into the Human Resources technology stack.

With the Qumu Video Engagement Platform, employees are able to participate in live or on demand training courses, from anywhere in the world and using any device. And on the course development side, the Qumu platform provides a full range of tools to source and edit video assets from screen captures, webcams, studio encoders, portable event encoders, Video Teleconference Platforms, Unified Communications platforms or mobile devices.

In terms of security and control, the Qumu Video Engagement Platform can utilize any major enterprise authentication and authorization solution to secure access to training assets. Authentication is managed with LDAP/Active Directory, single sign-on, and SAML—and in cases where a corporate authentication service is not available, Qumu provides user management tools for user creation, self-registration, approvals, and assignment of courses to groups.