6 Video Distribution Technologies

Six Types of Video Distribution Technology and Why You Need Most of Them

It’s no secret that within the enterprise, video files are large and bandwidth-intensive. With this in mind the growing need to stream both live and on demand video over corporate networks can—and often...

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Hybrid Enterprise Video

Beyond the Cloud: The Case for Hybrid Enterprise Video Deployments

Until recently, hybrid enterprise video implementations were seen as a stepping stone—a logical transition point between an on premise deployment and a full, cloud-based environment. But thanks to advancements in intelligent streaming technology, hybrid...

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Three ways business video portals are not like YouTube

Video continues to gain ground in our daily lives.  A Wall Street Journal poll shows a 47% annual increase in hours of online video watched by each of us. This trend is as true for work as it is for play. But the way video is consumed for work and play...

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