6 Video Distribution Technologies

Six Types of Video Distribution Technology and Why You Need Most of Them

It’s no secret that within the enterprise, video files are large and bandwidth-intensive. With this in mind the growing need to stream both live and on demand video over corporate networks can—and often...

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Is Your Virtualized Environment Video-Ready?

  Virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) has entered a new era. It’s been a long evolution, but VDI is cool again! Instead of getting overrun by emerging technologies as some predicted, virtualized environments have adapted to their new world....

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Enterprise IPTV

Technology Innovators: The Changing Face of Enterprise iPTV

Disruption is under way in the enterprise iPTV arena. Innovative companies are saving millions of dollars with enterprise iPTV, while still delivering a higher quality of service. How are enterprise video innovators infusing new energy into iPTV to reach...

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Citrix and Qumu bring high quality video to thin client architectures

Note: For the latest information on Qumu + Citrix, check out our Citrix white paper and download the Citrix data sheet (PDF).     There are two highly valuable and fast-growing trends in the enterprise that at first blush don’t seem to...

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Qumu and Citrix: optimize video streaming in virtualized desktop infrastructures

In an increasingly digital workplace, the use of consumer technologies such as mobile devices is becoming the norm in most organizations. By enabling employees to access key information from any device, desktop virtualization provides a foundation for the...

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Video and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures: The Key to Connection

In a recent study by Virtual Reality Check (VRC) one of the world’s leading expert analysts on Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs), IT professionals from around the world were surveyed on their experiences with VDIs in their corporate network. When asked...

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