Team-to-Many - The New Video Conference

Team-to-Many: The New Global Video Conference

The ability for leadership to collaborate with global offices and remote workforces has changed dramatically, both in the technology used and the methods used to communicate. This article and free Video On Demand (VOD) webcast presented by Qumu explains...

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FAQs on Qumu Cloud Free Trial

Commonly Asked Questions About the Qumu Cloud Free Trial — Part 1 of 2

In today’s cloud-based, Software as a Service-driven world, free trials are a common way for companies to test technologies in a relatively risk-free environment. But with many free trials offering limited functionality, throttled-down feature sets and...

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Why video applications disrupt traditional QA process

Videos are massive files creating huge network loads. Assuring a quality video experience across an enterprise is a complex undertaking. As a result, innovations in testing video applications have disrupted traditional QA processes. That’s no small...

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Cloud vs on-premise video solutions. How do you choose?

How do you see on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions evolving for enterprise video? We put that question to Steve Vonder Haar of Wainhouse Research who says we’re in a state of transition and companies want a choice. In fact, he believes that cloud...

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Meet Our Expert Panel at Video – Empowering The Enterprise EMEA Event

At our upcoming Video – Empowering The Enterprise event, being held at The Brewery in London on the 20th May, we are excited to confirm that delegates will get the chance to put questions to a fantastic panel of industry experts.  The panelists come...

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Employees won’t wait to watch slow-loading videos

2 seconds. That's how long some consumers will wait before abandoning a streamed video that hasn't started playing, according to a University of Massachusetts study. After 5 seconds of waiting, 25% of viewers are gone. After 10 seconds, half have left....

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