The Qumu Zoom App: A Short Q&A with CEO TJ Kennedy

Hello everyone, my name is TJ Kennedy and I am the CEO of Qumu. This is my first blog post as the company’s new leader, and I am excited to share my perspective on our latest news. As many of you likely heard, just yesterday we announced the release of...

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Life Sciences Healthcare Case Study Enterprise Video

Fortune 500 Spotlight: How a Life Sciences Giant Uses Qumu to Drive Employee Collaboration

For the largest organizations in the world, effectively communicating globally can be a challenge of immense proportions. But the most progressive companies among the Fortune 500 are building video-ready...

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Life imitates Art – and Art is now being streamed live on video

My colleague in the UK told me about the hottest exhibition ticket in London at the moment: the British Museum’s Pompeii show. She was disappointed to find out that it was completely sold out. She went to the show anyway - via a live video feed of a...

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