Executive webcast check list

How to Nail Your Next Executive Webcast: An 11-Point Checklist

One of the biggest challenges facing large, global organizations is the ability to conduct an effective all-hands meeting. When the goal is increased engagement and connection between executives and distributed team members, the room for error is...

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Enterprise Video Load Testing: A Case Study

Recent studies show that organizations lose 25% of their live video audience after a streaming delay of just five seconds or less. A large pharmaceutical company experienced this first hand, after a recent live event...

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Infographic: 15 Great Uses for Video in Internal Communications

According to a recent Gallup study, engaged teams experience up to 59% less turnover, while delivering 10% higher customer satisfaction and 21% greater profitability to the organization.1 Figures like these are why organizations are looking for better...

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What a Live Streaming Event Looks Like

What a GREAT Live Streaming Event Looks Like—By the Numbers

A few weeks ago during a quarterly strategy meeting, one of our sales leaders asked the following question of the group: “Do you think decision-makers in Global 2000 companies know what a good live streaming event actually looks like?” To most...

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3 must-dos for greater participation in town hall meeting broadcasts

How a fast-growing organization connects How do you pull off a flawless internal town hall meeting with thousands of employees? It’s not always easy. Take it from one our customers. This fast-growing technology firm drives digital transformation for an...

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Getting the most out of corporate “face time”

My wife is a middle school math teacher. One of the biggest challenges of her job is deciding how to best use her limited face time with her students.  The year is a race to get through all of the content, and more importantly have it be absorbed by her...

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