An Executive Summary: Investing in Corporate Video Technology in 2020

Recent advances in enterprise technology are transforming corporate video into a robust type of business data, fundamentally impacting how organizations view their video investment roadmaps. This shift is the premise of a new report from Wainhouse...

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Takeaways from Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Video Report

Takeaways from the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Video Platforms Report

As many of you know, Frost & Sullivan recently published its 2018 Best Practices Report for Global Enterprise Video Platforms Competitive Strategy, Innovation and Leadership. This report provided vital insights into the evolution and future of video...

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Qumu Q3 Recap by Michael Bromme

Qumu Q3 Recap: A Positive Quarter for Customer Wins . . . and Technology Adoption

As the leader of the Qumu global sales team, I look back on Q3 of 2017 with a great deal of pride. Not only did our team close 12 new enterprise video clients, but we were able to do it across a wide variety of...

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4 Things to Look for in an Extensible Enterprise Video Platform

According to analysts, system maintenance costs can exceed four times your acquisition and deployment budget, over a five-year period. Four times! So how do you get the most out of your enterprise video platform? In...

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Digital trends in 2014 – and what they mean to business video

As digital continues to transform the business world, video is shifting to the center of content and communications. In Sham Kabani's Forbes article on the Top 5 Digital Trends for 2014, video is at the center of several of the trends, and woven into the...

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Infographic: EMEA priorities for SharePoint are training, video and mobile

In Qumu's recent survey of SharePoint users in Germany, France and the UK, two major themes running through the results were training and video.  That's not a coincidence. SharePoint, training and video go hand in hand in hand. SharePoint is an obvious...

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