Enterprise Video Case Study

VIDEO VISIONARY SERIES — PART 3: Eliminating Technology Barriers in Internal Collaboration

SERIES RECAP: Up to this point in our Video Visionary Series, we’ve shared the innovation stories of both a leading global pharmaceutical company and a London-based asset management group. In Part 3 of our series...

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Using Enterprise Video for Social Business Applications

How Can Social Business Platforms Leverage Enterprise Video?

We’ve all witnessed the explosion of video on the consumer side of social media, underscored a few weeks ago by LinkedIn adding the ability to create video posts. And as Global 2000 companies are quickly realizing, the same explosive growth of video is...

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Why Qumu Developed a Stand-Alone Enterprise Content Delivery Network

Why did Qumu create a stand-alone enterprise video delivery network? In this new episode of our Ask the Experts Series, Qumu President and CEO Vern Hanzlik explains why Qumu re-imagined its own category-leading enterprise content delivery network...

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Enterprise IPTV

Technology Innovators: The Changing Face of Enterprise iPTV

Disruption is under way in the enterprise iPTV arena. Innovative companies are saving millions of dollars with enterprise iPTV, while still delivering a higher quality of service. How are enterprise video innovators infusing new energy into iPTV to reach...

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Enterprise video

Ask the Experts: How Do You Provide Enterprise Video at Scale?

How do companies deliver enterprise video at scale, to thousands or even tens of thousands of concurrent users? That daunting challenge faces many organizations—including yours—as they strive to create a true digital workplace. In this first video of...

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The future of online video delivery

  Note: This information has been updated. For the latest, check out this new page on enterprise video delivery or this data sheet on Qumu’s Pathfinder intelligent video delivery platform. Thanks! If you’re reading this you most likely...

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Infographic: most companies use video to engage their employees

Ragan Communications surveyed communications personnel across a wide range of companies about their use of video, with some surprising and some not-so-surprising results. Almost three fourths of companies surveyed use video to communicate with their...

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Charities are a proof point for social business video

Sometimes you have to step back and look beyond your business to get the answers you need. A clear example of the power of video to engage and deliver results comes from non-profit organizations. Charities: all about engagement  Charities are early...

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Gartner’s first Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management is a milestone for the industry

    Gartner's Magic Quadrants have long been a mainstay for Enterprise IT and C-Level management in helping them make strategic business decisions. Behind each report is a deep understanding of the landscape for that particular market space -...

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Life imitates Art – and Art is now being streamed live on video

My colleague in the UK told me about the hottest exhibition ticket in London at the moment: the British Museum’s Pompeii show. She was disappointed to find out that it was completely sold out. She went to the show anyway - via a live video feed of a...

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