Adoption of Enterprise Video

Driving Engagement and Adoption of Enterprise Video

This article is based on a webcast by Qumu Knowledge Manager Karen Van Wert. Be sure to view Karen’s webcast, and check out our complete Live Webcast Schedule! Introducing the widespread use of video to an organization causes a paradigm shift that...

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The Value of Video in Employee Onboarding

It’s no secret that adding team members to an organization is an expensive proposition, not only as an investment but also during the recruiting and hiring process. Losing an employee early in their tenure when they’re finally beginning to add value...

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Capturing video for enterprise social networking

You’ve probably heard about the “90-9-1” phenomena of social media. In a nutshell it claims that 90% of an online community are observers or “lurkers”- they never contribute. 9% contribute occasionally, and mostly by commenting. Only the...

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