Aragon Research Globe Enterprise Video

Lessons Learned from The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video

As many of you know, the 2018 Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Video was published in July of 2018. In this comprehensive 29-page report, Aragon Research not only identifies the leading vendors in the Enterprise Video space, but also reviews a...

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Team-to-Many - The New Video Conference

Team-to-Many: The New Global Video Conference

The ability for leadership to collaborate with global offices and remote workforces has changed dramatically, both in the technology used and the methods used to communicate. This article and free Video On Demand (VOD) webcast presented by Qumu explains...

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mobile video

3 Strategies for Making Enterprise Video Successful in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) World

In the bring-your-own-device culture of the new digital workplace, organizations must make it easy for employees to create and use video. However, balancing corporate control with the needs of social business will often stifle creativity and engagement....

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3 Reasons to Record and Stream Your Next Skype for Business Session

Great ideas are exchanged in Skype for Business sessions. Your digital workforce depends on fluid communication and knowledge transfer. Here are three reasons to capture and share those important interactions. ...

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4 ways to infuse video into your Microsoft environment

The new digital workforce is designed to share knowledge and experiences like never before — and video is vital to that exchange. Microsoft’s powerful suite of collaboration tools have become the standard for connecting people and driving digital...

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Putting video in context

As purveyors of an enterprise class video content management and delivery platform, we at Qumu by nature view the ability to capture, manage, deliver, and view business video as the center of the universe. Given the complexities associated with all of...

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Making a peanut butter sandwich in space: video connects across the universe

Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space. Since then he has gone on to spend months aboard the International Space Station and, according to Forbes magazine, is "perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth." He runs...

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Time shifting is a growing habit for corporate video

Why do people increasingly choose texting over phone calls? For the same reason I watch 90% of my entertainment content from Netflix and Tivo: participating in communication and entertainment on my schedule vs. someone else's is convenient and empowering....

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