Takeaways from Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Video Report

Takeaways from the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Video Platforms Report

As many of you know, Frost & Sullivan recently published its 2018 Best Practices Report for Global Enterprise Video Platforms Competitive Strategy, Innovation and Leadership. This report provided vital insights into the evolution and future of video...

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The Qumu WebRTC Extension and Enterprise Video: An Overview

As many of you know, WebRTC (Web-based Real Time Communication) is not a new concept. Initially released in 2011, the purpose of WebRTC is to allow rich media like audio and video to be shared between browsers,...

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Extend video through the cloud to drive communication and change

In this article, economist, journalist and technologist JP Rangaswami outlines one of the key benefits of using the cloud for business. He writes, “The cloud is not just about flexibility of access to compute power and storage and bandwidth, or about...

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