6 Video Distribution Technologies

Six Types of Video Distribution Technology and Why You Need Most of Them

It’s no secret that within the enterprise, video files are large and bandwidth-intensive. With this in mind the growing need to stream both live and on demand video over corporate networks can—and often...

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Why Qumu Developed a Stand-Alone Enterprise Content Delivery Network

Why did Qumu create a stand-alone enterprise video delivery network? In this new episode of our Ask the Experts Series, Qumu President and CEO Vern Hanzlik explains why Qumu re-imagined its own category-leading enterprise content delivery network...

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How NFL’s video streaming trends are impacting your business

Last year, during the FIFA World Cup, we talked about how WatchESPN’s CDN servers crashed during the USA vs Germany game after maxing out at over 1.7 million users. While they were able to rectify the situation fairly quickly, they learned a valuable...

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