The world’s largest organizations employ the Qumu Video Engagement Platform for a variety of uses, from crisis and marketing communications, townhalls and executive communications to product launches, employee and customer onboarding and learning, and much more.   Business leaders and their teams across the enterprise have the power to capture, produce, and store video. That video can be governed, integrated with work life tools, completely managed as any other important business asset, and fully analyzed for consumption and usage. Its intelligent delivery works in the most complex environments to deliver a flawless viewing experience, for both live stream and on-demand video, regardless of scale.

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform provides a two-way communication between executives and globally distributed employees, investors, and board members, supporting tens of thousands of concurrent users with no loss of performance or broadcast quality. It allows global organizations to reach large and remote audiences, while maintaining optimal video quality and maximum uptime.

Through the use of edge devices and transcoded video streams, viewers experience a high-quality broadcast that is maximized to their device file type and bitrate—whether they are participating on standard office workstations, personal mobile devices or Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs). And Qumu’s on-demand video enables executives to engage their employees, investors, and board members beyond the townhall, wherever they are and when the time is right for them, delivering a contextual experience that email and messaging cannot match.

Qumu provides businesses with the tools to easily create and deliver time-sensitive video crisis communications to employees, customers, partners, investors and other external stakeholders. The Qumu Video Engagement Platform enables executives, marketing, internal communications, and public relations teams to reach stakeholders anywhere with real-time, consistent, and engaging messages regarding crises as they arise. Using the power of video, organizations can create and distribute both live and on-demand news and updates in minutes—worldwide to any device and with any existing video delivery mechanism —with complete visibility into user analytics that tracks consumption and level of engagement so leadership teams can understand the reach of messages.

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform enables companies to create, edit and deliver live and on demand video-based training for customers and employees alike, supporting any device or hardware configuration with automatic captioning and translation into 60+ languages.

  • For Employees
    Onboarding, certification courses, compliance batteries, human resource units and job-based training are the most video-intensive use cases that exist for enterprise technology. The use of both live and on demand video within training and onboarding has increased significantly—and enterprise video platforms have finally made their way into the Human Resources technology stack.
  • For Customers
    With a deeper understanding of your customers and the challenges they wish to solve with your product or service, enterprise video allows you to tailor your messaging and approach, increasing overall satisfaction and paving the way for adoption. It also provides a stronger more authentic human connection between the customer and the organization. Qumu’s Video Engagement Platform provides customers a secure, comprehensive and easy-to-search video library that empowers individuals to quickly find, view or review what they need, at their own pace and on the device of their choice.

From Facebook to Twitter and now Zoom and Slack, the world is using the power of video to communicate—and business people are no different. Collaboration and social business platforms like Zoom, Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer and Jive are now standards for internal collaboration and communication, and they must be video-enabled.

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform extends these common desktop tools with powerful video creation, production, and content management capabilities so that important conversations and decisions can be shared with the broader team – easy to find & share, economical video capabilities in hands of every employee, delivered with security and at scale.

Qumu gives employees at Global 2000 organizations the ability to combine visual, spoken, and written elements into a single and highly effective video communication—then quickly publish that communication to co-workers and teams via any collaboration or social business platform.