These brand guidelines will assist you in presenting our brand experience in a unified way. In so doing, we build a stronger brand identity and equity that strengthens our presence and recognition in the market.

Design Principles

From Word documents to websites – these principles will help you follow our design approach.

Create Clarity.

Keep things simple.

Be consistent, but not uniform.

Put the audience first.

Address the whole experience from start to finish.



Maintain a clear space around the logo. This space should be equal to the half the width of the Q. Other than a tagline, no type should encroach into this exclusion zone.

Minimum size

To maintain legibility, the logo should be no smaller than 140px or 25mm (1 inch).


Wherever possible, the logo should be positioned in the top-left corner. It does not have to appear on every page of a document, the first page is fine.

Reversed color

A white version of the logo is available for use on dark backgrounds. Please do not use any other color without permission.

Q Mark

The Q mark can be used for certain purposes—but should never be the sole identifier of the company. The full logo should be your first choice wherever possible.

Q mark



The Q mark may also be used in a Qumu gray color (#ccd6dd) for UI and other digital instances.

Q mark


Loading animation

Branding Hardware

Use either a black or white logo to brand hardware products.

Logo in black

Logo in white

Guidance for hardware photography
  • Do not use drop shadow or reflection effects
  • Crisp edges and neatly feathered with a plain background


The color palette is to be used to infuse emotion and energy into our design. Our palette is not to be used for altering logo color or text color.

Qumu Blue

Hex: #00B0FF

RGB: 0, 176, 255

Qumu Green

Hex: #63DBC9

RGB: 99, 219, 201

Qumu Violet

Hex: #392E7E

RGB: 57, 46, 126

Qumu Yellow

Hex: #FDBA31

RGB: 253, 186, 49

Qumu Magenta

Hex: #EB1F8E

RGB: 235, 31, 142

Qumu Midnight

Hex: #12142F

RGB: 18, 20, 47

Black and Gray

Qumu Black

Hex: #09091A

RGB: 9, 9, 26

Qumu Deep Gray

Hex: #15232C

RGB: 21, 35, 44

Qumu Dark Gray

Hex: #39444B

RGB: 57, 68, 75

Qumu Mid Gray

Hex: #8899A6

RGB: 136, 153, 166

Qumu Main Gray

Hex: #CCD6DD

RGB: 204, 214, 221

Qumu Light Gray

Hex: #E0E6EB

RGB: 224, 230, 235

Qumu Off White Gray

Hex: #F5F8FA

RGB: 245, 248, 250


Different fonts for different purposes.

For general documents

For general documents that all employees will edit, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Calibri is safe for general use (it is highly compatible), but not useful for design work.

For design and web

For design, web, produced video and marketing collateral. Only the design team needs this font.

CSS font stack
font-family: “Open Sans”, “Calibri”, “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, sans-serif;

For code examples

This is the prefered font for displaying code.

CSS font stack
font-family: Menlo, ‘Lucida Sans Typewriter’, Monaco, Courier, ‘Courier New’, monospace, Sans-Serif;

Web Address

Two ways to display our web address.

On its own

Black text in bold

  • Please do not shorten to
  • Please use lowercase only
  • Try to create a clickable hyperlink

Within body text

Blue hyperlink


Download Qumu brand resources here.

More Information

For brand-related inquiries, please contact the marketing team.