Our enterprise video customers in the Professional Services sector are among the largest and most established service firms in the world. They include global accounting leaders, law firms, marketing agencies, consulting practices, IT service providers, engineering companies and architectural consultancies. These market-leading firms use the Qumu platform to actively manage and deliver thousands of video-based assets to millions of live and on demand viewers per month—while integrating seamlessly with existing enterprise tools, and causing little or no negative load on existing internal networks.

Use Cases for Enterprise Video

Although the uses for enterprise video within the Professional Services sector are wide-ranging, the most common are:

  • Internal and External Training – Live and on demand video-based learning modules used to keep both clients and employees abreast of recent insights, regulations and industry news.
  • Employee Onboarding – Video content for display to candidates during the hiring process, as well as post-hire learning modules to help recent hires navigate their new roles.
  • External Marketing – Embedded video content on external-facing websites used to describe service offerings, promote insights, drive brand awareness and generate leads.

Due to the requirements of both high level security and intelligent external video distribution, the majority of Qumu deployments in the Professional Services industry are cloud-hybrid. Digital transformation initiatives at many organizations are causing migrations of technology from pure on-premise toward the cloud—meaning hybrid deployment models (cloud-based management with on-premise delivery) are quickly becoming a popular alternative.

Why Qumu?

In the Professional Services industry, the requirements for any enterprise video platform are Ease of Use, Low Network Load and Extensibility for integrations with existing enterprise applications. The Qumu Video Engagement Platform is the only offering in the enterprise video space offering the ease of use to get both content creators and consumers up and running on its platform in a matter of minutes, the reliability to ensure no downtime or loss of video integrity due to network issues, and the seamless integration with other enterprise applications—including Zoom, Slack, Sharepoint, Yammer, Jive, Skype for Business, IBM Connections, Pexip, Vidyo and many others.

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