Qumu Releases New Tools for Video Creators and Viewers

San Bruno, CA, October 5, 2015Qumu (NASDAQ: QUMU), the leading business video platform provider, announced several new cloud-based features to help enterprises quickly and cost effectively create new video content, as well making it easier than ever for employees to find and consume the most important communications and stay informed.

Leading enterprise video platform provider enhances cloud offering with powerful new tools for creating content and improving access for enterprise viewers

  • Quick Capture – Empower more employees to create and share videos with more options for content. Authors can easily capture a portion of their screen, integrate a presentation, record a demonstration, and create high-quality videos synchronized with their webcam. Edit and finalize the recording before posting for distribution. Quick Capture is ideal for the organization producing large volumes of short-form content from diverse and distributed subject matter experts. Quick Capture content follows the same powerful workflows as any other form of Qumu managed media, making the tool consistent and familiar for authors.
  • Multiclip Editing Tool – Make video creation faster and easier for everyone with a high-powered, simple-to-use multiclip editor. Needing to craft a targeted message from a library of existing content? The Multiclip Editing Tool takes advantage of previously produced content, and allows the editor to re-use only the critical segments, creating a more focused video experience. Repackaging and customizing your content from within the cloud platform reduces the need to download and edit content offline.
  • Viewer Portal – Increase video consumption and accelerate knowledge sharing by swiftly creating one or more video portals for your company or organization. With customizable branding templates, our Viewer Portal creator tools allow content managers to spend less time managing a web site and more time populating it with valuable content. Features include branding, layouts, portal search, comments, likes, favorites, view counts, and sharing.

Video communications should be easy, and Qumu Cloud makes the seemingly complex environment of video production and distribution simple and efficient. Keep your teams and your customers informed with highly effective video content.

“Video adoption in the enterprise is tied to ease of use,” said Qumu president Vern Hanzlik. “These significant enhancements to the Qumu platform make video more accessible to both creators and viewers, increasing the value of video content for any organization.”

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Video is today’s document. Qumu Corporation (NASDAQ: QUMU) provides the tools businesses need to create, manage, secure, deliver and measure the success of their videos. Qumu’s innovative solutions release the power in video to engage and empower employees, partners and clients. Organizations around the world realize the greatest possible value from video they create and publish using Qumu. Whatever the audience size, viewer device or network configuration, Qumu solutions are how business does video. Additional information can be found at www.qumu.com.

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