Qumu Announces Release of HTML5 Multicast Browser Extension

New extension allows enterprises to deliver multicast live video behind the firewall with no additional plugins required

Minneapolis, October 2, 2018 – Qumu, the leading provider of best-in-class video technology for the enterprise, announced the release of an HTML5 Multicast Extension for its enterprise solution. The Qumu HTML5 Multicast Extension provides a seamless way to play a multicast live broadcast natively in newer versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox without any browser plugins such as Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

Expanding on intelligent delivery, the HTML5 Multicast Extension from Qumu solves several critical and longstanding issues with multicast video distribution. Due to the lack of native multicast receiving facilities in all browsers, a traditional way of extending browsers was by using plugins such as Silverlight. With modern browsers not supporting plugins for security reasons—and wide support for the HTML5 video player—a new approach is needed to render multicast video. The Qumu HTML5 Multicast Extension solves the problem by providing a multicast receiver installed on the desktop that receives RTP/H.264/AAC multicast, converts it into a suitable format (fragmented MP4), and sends it directly to a browser with a native HTML5 video player. This one-step conversion does not impose any delays thus supporting low-latency streaming.

“Our new HTML5 Multicast Extension revolutionizes the delivery of all multicast video behind the firewall,” said Vern Hanzlik, President and CEO of Qumu. “Organizations can now leverage their current network infrastructure to deliver high quality video to the entire organization, and with minimal impact on the network.”

In addition, the technology provides automatic failover from multicast to unicast where multicast is not available. By working together with Qumu’s intelligent Pathfinder network, which originates multicast throughout the corporate network, the HTML5 Multicast Extension provides a complete solution for delivering and rendering multicast video behind the firewall in a corporate environment.

Parties interested in learning more about Qumu’s new HTML5 Multicast Browser Extension may request more information on the Qumu website at https://qumu.com/contact-us/ or contact Qumu via phone at (612) 638-9050.

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