Qumu Announces Compliance with Financial Covenants and Amendment to Credit Agreement

Minneapolis, November 6, 2017 – Qumu Corporation (NASDAQ: QUMU) today announced, after completing its full monthly compliance analysis following October 31, 2017, that the Company was in compliance with the cash and eligible accounts receivable covenant of its term loan credit agreement with HCP-FVD, LLC and Hale Capital Partners, LP. Accordingly, the Company was not in default of the credit agreement at October 31, 2017.  Qumu has maintained compliance with all financial covenants of the term loan credit agreement since it was signed in October 2016.

As previously announced, the Company has been in discussions with the lender to gain greater operational and financial flexibility under the credit agreement. Today, the Company also announced that it has entered into an amendment to its credit agreement that significantly relaxes certain financial covenants. In particular:

  • a covenant requiring a minimum percentage of eligible accounts receivable and cash to outstanding obligations was reduced from 118% to 100%, and
  • certain large current receivables will no longer be excluded from eligible accounts receivable for purposes of computing compliance with that covenant.

In light of these amendments, the Company forecasts ongoing compliance with covenants and the ongoing ability to continue as a going concern.

“I would like to thank Hale Capital for its continued support of Qumu’s long-term vision to revolutionize the use of video in the enterprise,” said Vern Hanzlik, President and CEO of Qumu. “This amendment facilitates the execution of our long-term plans for growing the company and reaching a positive cash flow position.”

Forward-Looking Statements

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About Qumu Corporation

Qumu (NASDAQ: QUMU) is the leading provider of a best-in-class platform to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of live and on demand video for the intelligent enterprise. Backed by the most trusted and experienced team in the industry, the Qumu platform enables global organizations to drive employee engagement, increase access to video, and modernize the workplace by providing a more efficient and effective way to share knowledge.

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Vern Hanzlik
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