The world’s largest organizations employ the Qumu Video Engagement Platform for a variety of uses, from crisis and marketing communications, townhalls and executive communications to product launches, employee and customer onboarding and learning, and much more.   Business leaders and their teams across the enterprise have the power to capture, produce, and store video. That video can be governed, integrated with work life tools, completely managed as any other important business asset, and fully analyzed for consumption and usage. Its intelligent delivery works in the most complex environments to deliver a flawless viewing experience, for both live stream and on-demand video, regardless of scale .

To support the wide variety of use cases related to corporate video, Qumu provides several methods for recording and intaking pre-recorded content. The goal is to provide every enterprise with the flexibility to capture video from any location and any device—including the desktop, webcams, studio encoders, portable event encoders, video teleconferencing platforms, unified communications platforms, tablets, and mobile devices.

Qumu enables video creators to enhance videos with editing tools, multilingual captions, transcriptions, title cards, pre and post rolls, clip merging, slides, links and more.

Qumu offers robust cloud storage for all your video hosting needs. Easily upload videos without size or length limitations. Videos are store in one centralized repository. Share videos to global users directly with a link or by embedding the content on your site.

Qumu enables you to control creation, editing, and viewing of video, with configurable access control policies for individuals, groups, and geographies. Workflows enable approvals for publishing, while APIs can leverage your existing workflow automation processes to manage Qumu created content. Configure policies for archival and destruction of video assets consistent with company practices, and audit and authenticate video assets for internal and regulatory needs.

Qumu offers integrations with top technologies to expand the power of video within your existing business ecosystem using open APIs. Custom integration can be created by Qumu’s Professional Services team for your specific needs.

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform combines a strong set of traditional content management system (CMS) capabilities with numerous video-specific extensions. Traditional CMS features include metadata management, support for multiple file types, publishing and approval workflows, content versioning, role-based content administration, content containerization (folders, channels, playlists), categorization, search and analytics. Video-specific CMS features include format and bitrate transcoding, online capture and upload, video parsing for embedded metadata, frame and thumbnail extraction, clipping, stitching, and webcasting from any videoconferencing platform or WebRTC-enabled browser.

Qumu’s advanced analytics enables clients to optimize resources and infrastructure by collecting, analyzing and visually displaying real-time network and usage data. It also provides organizations with real-time visibility into employee engagement and the overall end-user experience, for both live streaming video and video on demand (VOD). Users of the Qumu Video Engagement Platform can generate actionable business insights at the network and individual user levels, which can be viewed from anywhere in the world, on any workstation or mobile device.

Qumu offers the most flexible and robust series of solutions for enterprise video delivery in the industry. The Qumu Video Engagement Platform automatically and intelligently selects the optimal video quality for a given user, and can deliver video via eCDN, software CDN and public CDN. At the heart of Qumu’s platform is an intelligent business rules engine and CDN broker called Pathfinder, which allows organizations to configure and utilize multiple delivery options simultaneously—to deliver the optimal video format and distribution technology to each user.


Qumu provides live and on-demand captioning to help organizations meet accessibility targets by giving every end user the full benefit of video content.

Increase viewer comprehension and engagement with captions, especially in environments where audio access is a challenge. Enhance the effectiveness of listening comprehension with captions and subtitles.

  • Automatic Live Captions

Add automatic live captions to global Town Hall meetings and external events with end-to-end stream management. Live captions instantly recognize the words spoken and provides machine-based captions for maximum indexing and optimal search.

  • Translate and Transcribe

Global organizations can now transcribe, translate, edit and publish captions to their asynchronous video assets—in both original and translated languages—for maximum audience reach and accessibility.

Qumu takes a holistic approach to security—one that spans secure hosting, secure storage of content, secure delivery of video and supplemental content, precise access control and regular auditing. The Qumu Video Engagement Platform supports a variety of proven methods of authentication and authorization—we do not prescribe a particular method, but rather work with the customer-provided service or provide Qumu’s professional services for customers if preferred. . This flexibility enables Qumu to best support the security requirements of each customer.

Organizations looking to deliver enterprise video at scale, to thousands or even tens of thousands of concurrent users need the right tool and network design to accomplish this. Qumu provides the most diverse, flexible and robust set of solutions for enterprise video delivery available today—intelligently selecting the video delivery method that optimizes the viewing experience for each location, end-user and endpoint device.