Our enterprise video customers in the Manufacturing sector are among the largest and most established brands in the world. They include global automotive and aerospace giants, chemical companies, food and beverage producers, consumer goods manufacturers, defense contractors and makers of electronic devices and hardware components. These market-leading firms use the Qumu platform to actively manage and deliver thousands of video-based assets to millions of live and on demand viewers per month—with maximum security and scalability across globally-distributed facilities and teams.

Use Cases for Enterprise Video

Although the uses for enterprise video within the Manufacturing sector are wide-ranging, the most common are:

  • Executive Webcasting – Internal-facing briefings to globally-distributed employees regarding industry news, strategic plans, KPI reviews and general company updates.
  • Employee Collaboration – Allowing employees to quickly and easily create and distribute shareable video content on any device, for consumption on any device.
  • Internal Training – Live and on demand video-based learning modules to reinforce processes, health and safety procedures in a cost-effective manner.
  • Employee Onboarding – Video content for display to candidates during the hiring process, as well as post-hire learning modules for certification and compliance.

Due to the requirement of a high level of security, many Qumu deployments in the Manufacturing industry begin as on premise. That said, a number of leading manufacturing companies are following ‘cloud-first’ strategies for reasons related to cost and ease of deployment. But in both cases, hybrid deployment models (cloud-based management with on-premise delivery) are quickly becoming a popular alternative.

Why Qumu?

In the Manufacturing industry, the requirements for any enterprise video platform are ScalabilitySecurity and Extensibility for integrations with existing enterprise applications. The Qumu Video Engagement Platform is the only offering in the enterprise video space with the scalability to deliver live and on demand video to 100,000+ global employees, the security to ensure privacy of all video streams, and the extensible architecture required to seamlessly integrate with other enterprise applications—including Zoom, Slack, Sharepoint, Yammer, Jive, Skype for Business, IBM Connections, Pexip, Vidyo and many others.

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