For the last decade, legacy hardware-based iPTV systems have been struggling to meet the need for streaming television anytime and anywhere within the enterprise. Qumu iPTV is a software-only solution that can stream iPTV to any device regardless of configuration or location, while allowing use of a company's existing infrastructure—potentially saving organizations millions of dollars annually.

Today's connected enterprise requires real-time control of live television feeds, emergency messaging and digital signage. Qumu iPTV uses real-time server technology to instantly update connected clients without the use of set top boxes, leveraging commodity hardware and requiring only a browser at the endpoint—allowing organizations to push iPTV to places that historically could not access feeds.

In addition to a significantly lower total cost of ownership, Qumu iPTV offers granular administration of all channels, programs, authors, locations and users. The solution also provides seamless integration into Qumu's advanced technology stack, providing administrators with real-time analytics and reporting on all video consumption. Qumu iPTV also supports video on demand (VOD), live streams, and slides with mixed media, and all video is closed-caption compatible.