Ingestion of video is the backbone of video content management, and organizations are being forced to deal with an overwhelming variety of video sources and systems. To support the wide range of use cases related to video, the Qumu Video Engagement Platform provides every enterprise with the flexibility to create and record video content from any location and any device—including the desktop, webcams, studio encoders, portable event encoders, video teleconferencing platforms, Unified Communications platforms, tablets and mobile devices.

“As the creation of video has been democratized, the sources and destination devices for video have proliferated, creating the need for platforms that effectively and seamlessly ingest, manage and deliver live and on-demand content.”
The Frost & Sullivan Global Enterprise Video Platform Report

The Functions of Intelligent Ingest

At its very basic level, intelligent video ingestion is the process of capturing, transferring, and storing video files in an organized manner for use immediately or in the future. But there are a number of complex processes and workflows that must occur, and the Qumu Video Engagement Platform automates and intelligently encodes and transcodes video streams, indexes video for search (both by keyword and phonetic speech), processes images and slides, creates thumbnails, and routes video assets to portals and management systems based on customizable distribution rules. Captions and translations can also be created for every video asset, thru the use of a Qumu extension. The Qumu platform supports any tool an organization might use to create video content, and can prepare it for delivery to any end-user device in multiple languages.

The Importance of Encoding and Transcoding

When it comes to video in the enterprise, both Encoding and Transcoding are critical concepts to understand for processing and sharing video across an organization. And the Qumu Video Engagement Platform has all of the encoding processes necessary to bring any type of video feed into the platform, and all of the transcoding protocols necessary to share video in any format enterprise users wish to consume it in.

On the Encoding side, the Qumu platform can support dozens of video formats including Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth, MP4, 3GP, OGG, WMV, FLV, QuickTime, MPEG (all iterations), WAV and many, many more. And on the Transcoding side, the Qumu platform can support any combination of operating system, browser, viewing device, hardware confirmation, security setting and network bandwidth an end-user could require.

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