Our enterprise video customers in the Healthcare and Life Science sector are among the most globally-reaching, innovative and well-respected organizations in the world. They include biotechnology firms, healthcare service providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, academic medical centers, managed care facilities and more. The largest among them use the Qumu platform to create and deliver live and on demand video on a daily basis, to hundreds of thousands of staff and patients across dozens of internal channels—securely, and with no negative impact on internal networks.

Use Cases for Enterprise Video

Although the uses for enterprise video within the Healthcare and Life Science sector are wide-ranging, the most common are:

  • Executive Webcasting – Internal-facing briefings to globally-distributed employees regarding industry news, strategic plans, KPI reviews and general company updates.
  • Influencer and Opinion Leader Webcasting – Live and on demand video-based presentations and Q&A sessions, offering perspectives and research from key industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Unified Communications – Self-service video conferencing, designed to increase employee collaboration and knowledge sharing while minimizing the need for travel.
  • Sales and Marketing – Training-focused video assets designed to keep sales and marketing teams up-to-date on new products, product updates and changes in go-to-market strategy.

Due to the high level of security required to store confidential information and meet industry compliance standards, the majority of Qumu deployments in the Healthcare and Life Science industry are on premise behind the firewall. However, digital transformation initiatives at some organizations are causing migrations of technology toward the cloud—meaning hybrid deployment models (cloud-based management with on-premise delivery) are quickly becoming a popular alternative.

Why Qumu?

In the Healthcare and Life Science industry, the key requirements for any enterprise video platform are Scalability, Reliability, Extensibility and Ease of Use. The Qumu Video Engagement Platform is the only offering in the enterprise video space with the scalability to deliver live and on demand video to 100,000+ global employees, the reliability to ensure no downtime or loss of video integrity, the extensibility to integrate with all common collaboration and Unified Communications tools, and the ease of use to get both content creators and consumers up and running on its platform in a matter of minutes.

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