Our enterprise video customers in the Financial Services sector are among the most established, recognizable and trusted firms in the world. They include global investment banks, credit card companies, consumer lending institutions, insurance firms, government agencies and financials service operations. The largest among them service tens of millions of customers worldwide spread across dozens of global locations, and create and deliver hundreds of video-based live and on demand assets to employees, customers and stakeholders every single day—securely, and with no down time or loss of video quality.


Although the uses for enterprise video within the Financial Services sector are wide-ranging, the most common are:

  • Executive Webcasting – Internal-facing briefings to employees regarding policy changes, market news, strategic plans, KPI reviews and general company updates.
  • Internal Training – Live and on demand video-based learning modules used in employee onboarding, human resource training, internal certification and compliance efforts.
  • Customer Communications – External-facing, 1-on-1 or 1-to-many events regarding market analysis, stock updates, economic overviews or crisis communications.

Due to the high level of security necessary to handle confidential financial information, the majority of Qumu deployments in the Financial Services industry are on premise behind the firewall. However, some Qumu clients are implementing cloud-hybrid solutions, and leveraging the power of cloud computing for specific use cases related to marketing, sales, and special customer-facing events.



In the Financial Services industry, the three requirements for any enterprise video platform are Scalability, Security and Flexibility. Qumu is the only vendor in the enterprise video space with the scaleability to deliver live and on demand video to 100,000+ global employees, the security to ensure privacy of all video streams, and the flexibility to offer multiple streaming methods including Multicast, HLS, Thin Client, Live and Video On Demand (VOD).


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To request more information on Qumu’s enterprise video solution for the Financial Services industry, please contact Spencer Wollman directly at (612) 638-9050 or via email at Or, feel free to complete our Contact Us Form and tell us about the use cases you are hoping to solve for. We look forward to hearing from you!