Qumu Stream, Record and Manage, available in the Zoom Marketplace, is designed specifically for organizations looking to deliver video events securely and at scale. The app allows Qumu and Zoom enterprise clients to stream live events exceeding 100,000 attendees—with no loss of video quality and no negative effect on internal networks. In addition to massive scalability, Qumu Stream, Record and Manage also adds comprehensive video management capability, as well as the same enterprise-grade security used by the world’s largest banking institutions and government agencies.

Organizations can now enable self-service streaming of Zoom events to audiences of 100,000 or more, with comprehensive video management and enterprise-grade security—for consumption on any device.

  • Stream meetings and collaboration sessions to large audiences with audio, video, presentations and chats.
  • Record all or selected Zoom meetings for compliance purposes, or for distribution as Video on Demand assets.
  • Store meetings in secure repositories and include analytics, search, retention policies and workflows.
  • Manage recorded meetings as assets for distribution in enterprise portals and knowledge-sharing systems.

How It Works

Once Qumu Stream, Record and Manage is installed, streaming can either be initiated automatically or via a button click directly in the Zoom interface. The extension supports global attendee bases, unlimited presenters and any browser-based end-user device—as well as virtual event management features like event registration, transcription, translation, user analytics, compliance tracking and attendee reporting.

In addition, the Qumu Stream, Record and Manage adds enterprise-grade security, automated workflows, advanced video management features, and seamless video delivery to viewers both internally and externally—regardless of end-user device or global location.

Use Cases

Internal collaboration
Host large-scale CEO events, team meetings, project review sessions and departmental updates, and record them for distribution to employees who could not attend.

External collaboration
Broadcast live from remote locations, present to partner networks, or deliver live crisis updates to customers and stakeholders without assistance from IT.

Team-to-Many events
Schedule, produce, and broadcast sales meetings, customer summits and executive round tables globally, to tens of thousands of employees and for viewing on any end-user device.

Increase reach.

Stream live and on demand sessions to tens of thousands of users, for viewing on
any device.

Build a repository.

Record live streamed events for posting on internal social & collaboration portals.

Boost productivity.

Maximize both viewership and engagement by distributing recorded meeting assets.

Save time and money.

Run large-scale live broadcasts across the globe, without assistance from IT.

Download the Qumu App here