What is the HTML5 Multicast Extension?

The Qumu HTML5 Multicast Extension is a revolutionary solution to the problem introduced by modern browsers—delivering Multicast video behind the firewall, to users who no longer have browsers that support Microsoft Silverlight. The HTML5 Multicast Extension from Qumu provides a seamless way to play a Multicast live broadcast natively in newer versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

How Does this Extension Work?

Deployed with the Qumu Video Engagement Platform, organizations simply install the extension on each desktop to allow employees to experience live streaming with Multicast on the browser of their choice. By working together with Qumu’s intelligent Pathfinder network that originates multicast throughout the corporate network, the HTML5 Multicast Extension provides a complete solution for delivering and rendering multicast video in corporate environments.

HTML5 Multicast Extension—Benefits:

Organizations can leverage current network and WAN infrastructure to support multicast in modern browsers.

The extension supports HTML5—with no additional requirements for Windows Media, Flash, or Silverlight.

The Qumu HTML5 Multicast Extension delivers high-quality video to the entire organization with minimal network impact.

Qumu on premise platform customers can expand video delivery to thousands of users—quickly and cost effectively.

The extension can be deployed and managed via a software-only solution, 100% behind the firewall.

Playlist failover from RTP Multicast to RTSP Unicast is supported, and so are in-band slides and events.

Technical Details:

Client Support

  • Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE11 (Win10)
  • Microsoft Edge

Formats Supported

  • Live – RTP Multicast
  • RTSP Unicast

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