Integration Overview

Display5 is a Qumu Enterprise Video extension that allows organizations to deliver internal CEO broadcasts, television streams and customized video messages to any screen and any device—leveraging existing technology infrastructure. Fully integrated with the Qumu Video Engagement Platform, Display5 uses the Pathfinder Intelligent Network to optimize the delivery of video content across a global network, to remote screens in any corporate location.

Global organizations can now serve live television, live video streams and on demand videos to their entire network of digital displays—digital signs, video walls, kiosks, meeting rooms and common area HD displays—with maximum audience reach, extensive flexibility and pinpoint control.

  • Easy content creation provides users with 130+ live content widgets and 140,000+ poster templates—in addition to signage, IPTV and meeting room capabilities.
  • Centralized administration allows users to control content on a who-what-when basis with detailed management of videos, players, users and screens.
  • Enterprise Integrations enable data from meeting room booking systems and contact center systems to be seamlessly displayed alongside video content.
  • Enterprise-grade security includes Single-Sign On (SSO), redundancy and unlimited scalability.
  • Hardware-independence supports a wide range of player technologies including Win, Android, Linux, webOS and System on Chip (SoC).
  • Multiple Deployment Options including Cloud/ SaaS, On-Premise and Hybrid Cloud options.

Why Qumu & Display5

Full integration with Qumu’s Cloud, On Premise and Cloud-Hybrid Enterprise Video solutions, covering a variety of Enterprise Video use cases.

Greater control, ease of management within a single infrastructure, and increased flexibility for organization-wide deployment.

Simplified IT support and reduced operating costs.

Highly versatile for multiple internal and external use cases.

Highly versatile for multiple internal and external use cases.

Typical Use Cases: Employee Communications, Emergency Alerts, Company and Employee Updates, Meetings & Events, Crisis Communications, Corporate Branding, Mission and Values, Internal and External Television, Guest Services and Help Desk

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