Integration Overview

The enterprise video market is quickly becoming about the personalization, localization and searchability of video-based assets, and AI components that make these technologies faster and more accurate. CaptionHub is a tool that allows global companies to extend the reach and engagement of enterprise video assets, by quickly and easily adding captions in multiple languages. Fully integrated with the Qumu Video Engagement Platform, CaptionHub can be used to create frame accurate captions—at broadcast quality—in over 50 languages.

Global organizations can now transcribe, translate, edit and publish captions to their video assets—in both original and translated languages—for maximum audience reach and accessibility.

  • Transcribe video using speech recognition and Natural Captions Technology©, adding captions at broadcast level frame accuracy.
  • Translate video captions into 54 languages within seconds, using state-of-the-art AI Neural Machine Translation, creating near human translations.
  • Edit with CaptionHub editor and workflow tools, and use your own linguist to perfect your transcriptions and translations.
  • Publish captioned videos directly to the Qumu Enterprise Video platform, for worldwide streaming and distribution.
  • Export timed text in multiple formats including VTT, SRT, TTML / DFXP, CSV, TXT, SMI, EBU-STL, ASS & SCC.

Benefits of Qumu and CaptionHub

Deliver global value faster by translating in up to 54 languages—and perfect them with your own translators

Speed up captioning with the most advanced neural translation & speech recognition available

Create and publish broadcast quality captions

Seamlessly integrate for total control, security and visibility

Meet FCC accessibility regulatory obligations for captions

Natural Captions Technology© is an advanced algorithmic approach to natural language processing that reflects the natural language of humans. This results in captions that are perfectly timed, and reflect the way a human speaks as closely as possible.

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