Qumu provides the most diverse, flexible and robust series of solutions for enterprise video delivery. At the heart of Qumu’s solution is an intelligent business rules engine and CDN broker known as Pathfinder. Unique to Qumu and heavily praised by both the analyst community and our enterprise customers, Pathfinder allows organizations to configure and optimize video for their specific offices, mobile users, and various endpoints.

With Pathfinder, our platforms can utilize multiple delivery options simultaneously and deliver the optimal video format from the optimal distribution technology for each user. Qumu provides a solution for internal proxy-caching and streaming with our video-specific Edge eCDN technology, which can be deployed as hardware, software, or Virtual Machine inside of a customer's network and is centrally monitored, managed, and updated via an easy to use administrator interface. Qumu Edge technology allows for multi-casting and multi-tiered stream splitting for live use cases and active or passive caching and pre-positioning of static and Video On Demand content.

Qumu's platforms automatically and intelligently select the optimal video quality for a given user and can deliver video via eCDN, software CDN (Pathfinder Client), and/or public CDNs. No matter where your video is going, Pathfinder will get it there.