Executives who focus on engagement have more success aligning the organization to the company’s overall mission. But how do globally-dispersed companies make executive teams truly accessible to employees and key business stakeholders, so they can effectively communicate goals, objectives and organizational progress? With the Qumu Video Engagement Platform.

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform allows global organizations to reach large and remote audiences while maintaining optimal video quality and maximum uptime. Thru the use of edge devices and transcoded video streams, viewers experience a high-quality broadcast that is maximized to their individual device file type and bitrate—whether they are participating on standard office workstations, personal mobile devices or Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs).

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform allows executives to combine not only audio and video, but a variety of visual presentation aids like slides, images and live polls to increase engagement, gain immediate feedback and adjust the message in real-time. Webcasting creates a personal connection between employees and executives—one that email and audio conferencing cannot match. To learn more about Qumu's Executive Webcasting solution, use the button below or Click Here to Request More Information.