Video Captioning Using AI: Extending the Global Reach of Enterprise Video

October 16th, 2018—10:00 AM CDT | 4:00 PM BST | 3:00 PM UTCStuart Hornsey, Qumu Alliances Director, and James Jameson, CaptionHub Commercial Director

As customer and employee bases become increasingly global, many organizations are finding the value of enterprise video is negatively affected. The fact is, the inability to quickly and seamlessly serve video assets in multiple languages significantly lowers the value of video as a communication media. But thanks to advances in AI technology, organizations of any size can now add captions to video assets—8 times faster than was previously possible.

Join Qumu Alliances Director Stuart Hornsey and CaptionHub Commercial Director James Jameson for a deep dive into the current state of captioning in enterprise video. During this Webcast the presenters will cover the concept and technology behind captioning, as well as how leading brands are using it as a core element in their video production workflow. The presenters will also cover how AI plays a part in the process and how search engine results are affected—and give a live demonstration of the latest transcription and translation technology.


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