Team-to-Many: The New Global Video Conference

May 23rd, 2018—11am Central TimeVern Hanzlik, Qumu President and CEO

The ability for leadership to collaborate with global offices and remote workforces has changed dramatically, both in the technology being used and the methods used to communicate. Over the last 25 years the business world has made the slow transition from basic conference call technology to high capacity phone bridges, then to dedicated video conferencing rooms. And today, most organizations have stalled on the use of standard desktop-based video conferencing—a technology often plagued by latency, buffering, and even complete failure with as few as 25 participants.

But for global organizations, the convergence of video conferencing and video streaming has enabled a new type of “Team-to-Many” event, which exponentially expands the reach of live corporate video. This new hybrid video conference allows leaders who manage distributed teams, remote employees and global branches to host large-scale, two-way video communication between executive teams and thousands of employees—to any device and with no loss of meeting integrity. Join Qumu President and CEO Vern Hanzlik as he discusses Team-to-Many video conferencing, its impact on leadership communication, and how your organization can combine the power of video conferencing and enterprise streaming to host live interactive meetings for 500 to 30,000 attendees.


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