Interactivity On Demand: Creating Videos that Get Clicked 

September 16, 2020—9:00 AM CDT | 3:00 PM BST (UTC +1)Jeroen KrouwelsHihaho CCOStuart Hornsey, Qumu Partnerships & Alliances Director EMEA

Now that enterprises are creating videos at a record pace with no signs of slowdown, the next focus for many organizations is interactivity—creating an engaging experience that not only adds value to video content, but integrates seamlessly with the video itself. Until recently, building true interactivity into on demand video assets was a luxury only companies with large production budgets could afford. But the good news is, times have changed! 

Join Stuart Hornsey, Qumu Partnership Director, and Jeroen KrouwelsHihaho Chief Commercial Officer, as they review a number of ways to add interactivity, engagement and ultimately clicks to on demand video assets. Stuart and Jeroen will cover a number of video engagement strategies including interactive menus, video ratings, overlay text, jump-to links, surveys, and even buy-now e-commerce monetization. 


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