Driving User Engagement and Adoption of Video in the Enterprise

June 19th, 2018—11am Central TimeKaren Van Wert, Qumu Knowledge Manager

Supporting the use of live and on demand video in a global organization can be daunting, not only from an infrastructure perspective but also in terms of adoption. Even if the right systems and platforms are in place from an IT perspective, two key questions remain: how can organizations drive adoption of video among the employee base, and can employees be taught to create video assets that are truly valuable and engaging?

The reality is, the most innovative global companies not only support the use of video by employees, but ENCOURAGE it. Join Qumu Knowledge Manager Karen Van Wert as she shares a number of real-world, repeatable video adoption success stories from Qumu customers. During the session Karen will also review the “Three Points of Measurement” used to assess user engagement with and adoption of video within an organization—including Contribution Engagement, Viewing Engagement and Use Case Penetration. In addition, all attendees will leave the session with a handful of Contribution Engagement exercises that can be implemented immediately to drive the use and adoption of enterprise video.


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