Key Considerations: Developing An Organizational Video Strategy

March 3, 2020—11:00 AM CDT | 5:00 PM BST | 5:00 PM UTCVern Hanzlik, Qumu CEO, and Andrew Turner, Genesis Integration CEO

Is your organization hoping to take a more comprehensive approach to video? Does the use of video for collaboration, communication and training cross multiple functions or business units? If so having a solid, company-wide strategy for the implementation and use of video is key—but where should your organization start? What components should your strategy include? And should your video strategy change based on company size or organizational structure?

During this webcast, Qumu CEO Vern Hanzlik and Genesis Integration CEO Andrew Turner will discuss why having a strong, comprehensive and company-wide business strategy for video is critical to success for organizations of any size. The presenters will cover key considerations surrounding technology infrastructure, scalability, platform security, ease of use and self-service—as well as how the right enterprise video platform can significantly increase both internal collaboration and overall employee engagement. Attendees will leave this session with the universal components necessary to begin developing their own plan for rolling out video on an organization-wide scale.


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