Covid changed everything. Video can help keep everyone healthy.

COVID changed everything. Video can help keep everyone healthy.

By Rose Bentley The idea of telemedicine or a video visit with a physician is no longer a foreign concept. Perhaps because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this experience has become commonplace. Some might debate that patient care was moving in that direction...

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Improving video recording

Up Your Video Game: Is it About Delivery Style or Production Quality?

Video is the new business attire. Presenting yourself smartly and delivering your content with energy is fundamental to the impression you make in a remote work world—particularly with any external-facing role. But is it entirely ‘passion over...

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Remote Work Pioneer

What It Means to be a Remote Work Pioneer

First the good news: Qumu has been named a winner of the Remote Work Pioneer Award from Now the better news: our entire team is reaping sustainable benefits from our transformation to a Work from Wherever Forever company. In his video blog below,...

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Meet Qumu's New CMO, Jennifer Pockell Dimas

Introducing Qumu’s new CMO, Jennifer Pockell Dimas. Or rather, we’ll let Jen introduce herself. In her video blog, she jumps right in, using the Qumu Platform to share a few stories of customer success she has heard in her first...

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How a Small Firm Delivers Enterprise-Grade Video Service to Large Clients

Professional services organizations vary vastly in size, focus, and makeup, but many work with large companies. In today’s video blog, Qumu Regional Sales Director, Rina Dhanota shares a story about how a Canadian creative agency, is delivering...

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The Qumu Customer Success Team Wins Another International Award!

The Qumu Customer Success Team Wins Another International Award! Video has become THE lifeline for business continuity in recent months, making Qumu’s highly responsive phone and online support critical to its customers who depend on video for...

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This Year's Holiday Message May Be Your Most Important.

With Thanksgiving week underway in the U.S., I want to take a minute in this video blog to suggest a way for you to personally connect with your team this holiday season without giving up important time with family. I also share my own reflections on this...

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Is Remote Work the Office of the Future?

In this week’s video blog, I discuss how the global pandemic, in direct contrast to all of its upheaval, has forced upon us a new remote work reality that is actually driving up productivity in many organizations.1 How can leaders take advantage of...

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Asynchronous Communications with video

Using Asynchronous (on Demand) Video to Lead Your Remote Team

  In today’s video blog, I discuss the value of asynchronous video communication—commonly referred to as Video on Demand (VOD). Video on demand is quickly becoming a critical communication and engagement channel for both team and organizational...

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Video First: An Executive Approach to Brief Yet Impactful Messaging

I’ve had a lot of executives in my circle ask me to explain myself when I refer to Qumu as a “video-first” company. When responding, sometimes I find it easier to begin with what video-first doesn’t mean. For starters, video-first companies do not...

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